who we are

We live in technology driven world where kids enjoy learning new concepts in the most entertaining way. Mirana aims to disrupt everyone's involvement with toys and introduce them to futuristic App enables smart toys that provide a fun-filled experience!

what we do

There are plenty of educational and strategy-based toys among kids in the market, the 'FUN' element is missing. Mirana offers exactly that and builds App enabled, sturdy, affordable and reliable smart toys that will retain their nostalgicvalue for years to come.

our products

Not to mention, you can customize your toys according to your preferences and make the best out of it. Meanwhile, as you play on a safe and moderated Mirana App, your parents can sit back and relax.

our vision

Mirana App ecosystem will permit developers, avid gamers, kids and adults alike to interact, design, and develop their own games. Come, be a part of the Mirana Revolution! Create awe-inspiring experiences and boost your opportunities for social interaction and engagement.

our certification