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This App-Enabled AC ATV is an innovative toy with a sturdy anti-collision structure that can be operated through the Mirana App via Bluetooth on a mobile device. You can use it with proper hand-eye coordination. There is no specific age to play with this toy. This four-wheel vehicle has excellent battery life. It offers 30 minutes of playtime and has a USB-rechargeable battery that requires about 1 hour to charge fully. This India-made vehicle has oversized anti-skid tires that are suitable to beat rough patches or obstacles on any surface. It is available in three vibrant colours.


The Tracer is an App-enabled ultra-modern futuristic racing speed car with a long-lasting 1200 mAh in-built rechargeable battery that can be operated through the Mirana App via Bluetooth on a mobile device. It offers 30 minutes of playtime with 1 hour to charge fully. This aerodynamically designed Indian toy car has anti-skid tires that offer fantastic grip. It is available in six glossy paint finish colors. The stick-yourself stickers provided in the box will make your Tracer look even more attractive.

Air Football Pro

The Air Football Pro is a sturdy toy with soft foam edges that floats on a cushion of air and gives you an incredible playful experience. This Made in India USB rechargeable hover ball provides up to 1 hour of playtime with a full charge. It requires 2 hours to fully charge the disk. It has a premium appearance with a rainbow effect of LED lights on its edges. It is suitable for all age groups and better than other imported products in the market as you can play with it on any flat smooth surface. No matter how you kick, it will mysteriously float on the surface.  


The 2WD RC ATV is remote control enabled smart toy that is loaded with unique features. It has a real car feel and is equipped with 2 headlights and taillights on the front and rear respectively. Want to know more? You can operate the RC car with proper hand-eye coordination. It has two wheels at the front for turning the vehicle and two rear wheels for acceleration purposes. This Made in India product comes with USB Rechargeable batteries that roll up to 30 minutes with a full charge of about 60 minutes